florida bartender classes ft myersNational Bartenders and Casino School opened in Fort Myers in 1987. As a state licensed school by the Florida Department of Education, we are one of the few programs that can guarantee top-notch training and job placement assistance.



The liquor industry is ever evolving, and at National Bartenders School we take pride in staying one step ahead. We understand that the fast pace of the liquor business can be daunting, which is why we offer free refresher courses, workshops, and job placement seminars… And of course, we offer this all for free nationwide, and for life.

We combine professional standards with modern craft in order to provide the most comprehensive mixology training. Speed, accuracy, proper tool handling, and customer service are just a small sampling of what we teach. At NBS you will leave the school with bartending skills to meet the demand of any job—whether it be a nightclub, casino, private parties, or the local neighborhood bar.


You won’t find yourself without support here at NBS. We pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers, admissions, and placement directors. We are fully staffed all week, so you can reach out to us anytime with questions or concerns. Most schools combine these positions to save money; we don’t. At NBS the students, and graduates, come first, and this can only be accomplished with a team of professionals that cater to your needs during and after your time at the school.


Our school is designed to simulate the real bar and work experience. During classes you work behind the bar, not at a desk listening to lectures. Each student will have their own bar station in order to provide the most hands-on learning. Exactly the way you would find it in the real world. Attending a school that is in a bar severely limits your time behind the bar.

Schools that operate classes held in an establishment when closed are designed to only accommodate a few bartenders because they only have a few complete bar stations. This means you are forced to learn in front of the bar, not behind it where you belong.  This is absolutely not the right way to be trained.  You can do that in your living room. Here at National Bartenders School you train Behind a Real Bar, not in front of it.  That makes all the difference in the world.  

When you graduate from NBS and begin working, you won’t miss a beat. Everything from the bar area, equipment, liquor placement, and atmosphere are equivalent to the modern bar. Our school is open all day which gives any student or graduate the opportunity to come and practice so you’ll be competent and successful transitioning into your next job.


So many Bartending Schools make promises they cannot deliver. At NBS we understand that you are training in order to work and advance in a career. What differentiates our school from the average bartending school is the dedicated job placement staff, which will help you find a job upon graduation. After 30 years in SW Florida, we have gained a rapport and solid reputation with surrounding employers who know and trust our facility. You don’t need to read this site to know that the economy is in Southwest Florida is based on hospitality, and there is no lack of jobs as a bartender. We are affiliated with dozens of schools nationwide, which means our free lifetime refresher courses and job placement are not limited to the SW Florida area, but wherever you might relocate. You can’t top that.


We have the lowest tuition rates in SW Florida, and with in-house financing—which allows you to pay for most of your schooling after you graduate and begin making money. Because our financing is done “in-house” we do not look at your credit score or financial history. We handle the obstacles to a great career so you don’t have to, providing support every step of the way. There is nothing stopping you from becoming a professional bartender now—why not pick up the phone?

Don’t hesitate, call us at (239) 334-6300 for all the information you need to succeed.